Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hooooooooly Crap!

The posts were flying today, people. Like pigeons in St. Peter's Square, shit was flying everywhere.

I just got in my first blogfight.

Let me start by admitting that I do have a penchant for chatting about my friends, family, job, shoe size, and the sheer joy of reduced-fat wheat thins. A few months ago, I made a comment to a couple of co-workers about a friend of mine who is a fellow blogger, at which time I gave her address. I then competely forgot about the issue.

Recently, said person was "outed" after trying to remain quasi-anonymous all these many months. Said person has begun (?) to hear about and be asked about her blog quite a bit lately. So, after initially directing her venomous posting and subsequent yanking of my link from her site, I apologized but politely informed that I haven't said JACK about her site in many moons.

There are some inquisitive folks in our sleepy little burg, it seems.

Just last night, I learned that there’s someone in town looking to do a story on Charleston bloggers. Why? Slow news week, and a year behind the curve are my only guesses. But to each his/her own...

Back to the fight.

After said venom-spitting and link-pulling, some not-so-nice comments were made about me. Pretty much the standard, garden-variety “you suck” type deal, but they stung nonetheless (I can be a delicate flower at times).

I defended myself as best I could, but was rapidly becoming the pariah of the Lowcountry Bloggers (Similar to the Pink Ladies, but without the jackets, and close calls with Kinicky).

Luckily, an anonymous poster from Boston came to my aid, pointing out that while one may think their blog is similar to whispering and passing notes in homeroom, it’s more akin to grabbing a bullhorn and shouting from the top of The Capitol.

Things have smoothed over, and I am now back in the good graces of my compadres.

Funny thing about this internet, it speeds EVERYTHING up. While a fight like this might normally take a week or so to blossom, blow up, and resolve, we knocked this one out of the park in about 72 hours.God bless Al Gore.

LMN - You're a peach.


So are you going to hook it up with a link to her blog or what?

By Blogger ica, at 3:38 PM  

lets deal with the real issue here Mr. Kickball. You clearly don't support our troops! Why haven't I read ANYTHING about delicious reduced fat wheat thins? You are a dirty dirty tease who should be cleansed by the splintered side of a bamboo rod!

play nice

By Anonymous Show, at 6:00 PM  

Fighting at superspeed! Might give you whiplash.

(great blog, btw...don't know how I missed stopping by here before)

By Blogger Jesster, at 11:37 AM  

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