Friday, March 25, 2005

Hasta La Vista, Blogger!

Hey Folks!
Sorry for the disappearing act. I've been really busy at the job that pays me (poorly, but pays nonetheless), and I've also been working on moving away from Blogger - the bane of my existence lately!

I'm happy to say that I've done it!!!!! I've got a new site. Ready for the address?

It's ... a real departure, right? :)

Everything's the same (as far as links and stuff go), and I've got a link on the new site that'll take people back here if they (or I , in a moment of ego stroking) want to read some of the old stuff!

So, y'all come on over and see me in my new digs!!!!!

The following is on my new site, too...

Couple of notes before I sign off til Monday.
1) BR - mailed your Palmetto Ale today. And then did as you instructed in your email. Thanks! And Thanks for the help in making the move away from Blogger…
2) I hope y’all make a note of my new address and keep on coming back, cuz now that k-ball season’s about to start, i’m gonna have a LOT of very interesting stuff on here…
3) Blogger - goodbye. farewell. and SUCK IT!


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