Friday, March 18, 2005

Happy Hangover Day!

We had a St. Patty's Day Party at work last night. You know - the usual cupcakes, l'il smokeys in BBQ sauce, potato decorating contest, and jello shots that could strip paint made by the college intern...

Here's the first of many beers I drank last night...I never went the green beer route, I'm proud to say.

That's me, doing the post-horrific-jello-shot-that-did-something-weird-to-my-spinal-cord dance.

Potato #9's mine - you can't see in this pic, but he's got five aces in front of him. He's the Five Card Spud! I came in second behind number 10 - A friggin' hula dancin' potato. I think the contest was rigged...

I was still fairly responsible and got myself home at 12:15, as I had a 9AM meeting this morning that required my brain to be running on at least 3/4 of a tank...

I'm gonna blow through my work today, so that I can get crackin' on the Blogger Challenge III - The City That Never Sleeps vs. The Sleepy City.

And to the person that suprised me at Dengate's last night when they told me they are a daily reader...thanks! That was kinda cool! I was flattered, embarrased, happy, and touched - as opposed to the way I like my Waffle House hash browns: shamed, defiled, disrespected, and sullied.


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