Thursday, February 17, 2005


The Editor would like to correct the following statements and actions that occurred from 2/10 - 2/17:

I will say, though, that I was very well behaved and don't have much to repent for this week...sweet!

1) Eating Taco Bell twice in one day. I love you Enchiritos, but you don't love me.

2) Not getting my car stuff taken care of yet. I'm almost there, though, so this one will NOT be appearing next week.

3) DAMMIT! Not calling my 2 year old nephew yesterday for his birthday! I just realized that!!!! DAMMIT! Bad Uncle! Bad Uncle! Here's a picture of The Kickball Superstar's nephew - Guitar God in Training...

Uncle Superstar is Awesome!

4) Not playing music this week! TP and MM - cancel whatever plans you had, because it's time to Plug In and Win!!! Besides, SEWE's in town this weekend anyway, so downtown's gonna be a MADHOUSE...

I think that's it. Besides the oodles of issues that I have that will take a Prozac prescription and a kick in the ass before they're corrected...

Superstar. Out.

PS - I've been in a bit of a "quiet period" as of late, but that's gonna change. take heart. There's a reason for this season...


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