Friday, December 03, 2004

Start Spreading the News

Just got back from Thanksgiving break and a biz trip to NYC. Craziness abounds, ladies and gentlemens...craziness abounds. I feel like I've lived a month this past week, and have come away a more learned man.

1) United sucks.
2) Amtrak is cool. Even at 5AM.
3) People love high fives. Admit it, you do, too.
4) Travel brings out the best - and worst - in you. Ever want to get to know your true self - and those around you? Sit in an airport for 6 hours.
5) Radial Arteries - when nicked - spurt blood quite far.
6) Broadway kicks Hollywood's ass. Support your local theater(s), folks.
7) I was right. And then some!

I'll elaborate on each one of these over the week - cuz (in the best Hank Hill voice you can muster) "I tell you what" - they're worth elaborating on...


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