Wednesday, November 03, 2004

An open letter to my parents...

Looks like your crazy cowboy, shoot-em-up, never admits when he's wrong, horrible public speaker (nucular?!?), zealot won himself another four years as the leader of the free world. And I'm sure you voted for him, and the other Republicans...obviously, they know something that the Dem's don't...

I, on the other hand, voted a straight democratic ticket - the whole kit and kaboodle. I felt like I needed a shower afterwards, and that you and pop wouldn't love me any more, but I had to. I'm still a Republican at heart, but none of the people that I could vote for were what I'd call Republicans...

My version of Republicans are folks who like small government (and are slightly distrusting of it), and allow businesses to grow, as it provides the opportunity for any and everyone to become successful - if they work for it. Help instead of hand-outs, and the freedom to say whatever I want.

When did my party become about telling me that women can't choose to have an abortion, gay people couldn't marry one another, public schools are lost causes - unless they're in rich neighborhoods, and "family" (read: Christian) values had to be everyone else's values? When did they decide to bow to the crazy religious right and businesses who put profits over ethics. Aside from being white, I have nothing in common with those people.

That doesn't mean I'm now a Democrat, though - a person can have a mind so open that their brain falls out. A little steadfastness in one's beliefs is a good trait. I'm also not for hugs and kisses all the time. Sometimes punching back is right. And I'm certainly not for people having babies so that can get more of my money that I work hard for so that they don't have to work at all!

Anyway, my point is that repubs aren't repubs anymore. They're Christian crusaders, and I thought we had a separation between church and state - it's one of the principals we were founded on. Not to mention Christian crusaders vs. Islamic militants? Sound familiar? You helped me with a report about this in 5th grade. It was called The Crusades, and a lot of people got killed...

I'm lobbying for Nader from now on...

your son


Well said. I'm with you all the way.

By Blogger Alexandrialeigh, at 11:25 AM  

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