Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The 1st Official Slip and Slide Reader Poll!

Ok, dear readers - now that k-ball is over until April/May, what you gonna do? I'll post the results next week for everyone to see. You may not care, but I'm a numbers geek, and love to see stuff like this!

Also, you'll see that I mention youth kickball league...things are in the works there...stay tuned...

Voting Poll

What are you going to do now that Kickball is over?

Play dodgeball
Enter a detox program
Miss our President madly, and read his ramblings daily...
Hang out with the friends I dissed during the season
Hang out with the friends I made during the season
Hang out with both groups together-my worlds have collided!
None of your F*$%ing business, buddy!
Start flipping cups and pounding beers for next season
If you started a winter youth league, I'd help ref/coach!

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