Thursday, October 21, 2004

Battle of the Network Scars

Last night, during my usual presidential duties, I was at the fields checking out the games, goofing off with the players, and looking forward to the Sox coming back from the dead to defeat the damn Yanks.

Next thing I know, Jess E, from the Ballers takes a spill for no apparent reason, and isn't getting up. After the initial moment of seriousness, she was able to joke about the fact that she had, in fact, dislocated her knee - again. When I took a closer look at her knee, I could see a big ol' scar from a previous surgery. I think scars are cool...They're like tatoos only accidental...

I've got a few scars myself (in addition to the mental ones left by family, women, bosses, etc)- my wrist and forearm, my hand, my chest - and as of this morning - my back. I had a piece of me cut out this morning, and it left a three-inch scar.

In my usual open-book, semi-shock value candor, I let everyone know about my procedure today, and I didn't know it was gonna open a Pandora's box. Have you ever noticed if you talk about scars, show someone your scar(s), or mention the word scars, people feel compelled to talk about, or better still, show theirs? I love that!

Clearly, I don't have much to write about today...maybe tonight I'll get a scar on my head...


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