Friday, March 25, 2005

Hasta La Vista, Blogger!

Hey Folks!
Sorry for the disappearing act. I've been really busy at the job that pays me (poorly, but pays nonetheless), and I've also been working on moving away from Blogger - the bane of my existence lately!

I'm happy to say that I've done it!!!!! I've got a new site. Ready for the address?

It's ... a real departure, right? :)

Everything's the same (as far as links and stuff go), and I've got a link on the new site that'll take people back here if they (or I , in a moment of ego stroking) want to read some of the old stuff!

So, y'all come on over and see me in my new digs!!!!!

The following is on my new site, too...

Couple of notes before I sign off til Monday.
1) BR - mailed your Palmetto Ale today. And then did as you instructed in your email. Thanks! And Thanks for the help in making the move away from Blogger…
2) I hope y’all make a note of my new address and keep on coming back, cuz now that k-ball season’s about to start, i’m gonna have a LOT of very interesting stuff on here…
3) Blogger - goodbye. farewell. and SUCK IT!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Blogger Screwed Me!

I finished an audio post Saturday night/Sunday morning (3:15AM) for the Blogging Challenge, and it's not here!!!! Our theme was Goldilocks and the Three Bears and I had a great real life example...

BR - trust me. I did NOT bail on this one (AL - saw your comment, too. and I swear to GOD i thought i posted). even the call log on my phone backs me up! (2:59AM 3/20/05)

my whole deal was themed around how crappy posting's been lately...

1) jerk roommate put a password lock on his 'puter - preventing me from posting.
2) friend's dial-up connection sucked - especially with Blogger's issues lately
3) the phone-in audio post worked just right...

dammit dammit dammit!

Friday, March 18, 2005

It's Better Than "Screech"...

I've been told more than a few times that I look like Ben Savage. What celebrity do you resemble?...

Happy Hangover Day!

We had a St. Patty's Day Party at work last night. You know - the usual cupcakes, l'il smokeys in BBQ sauce, potato decorating contest, and jello shots that could strip paint made by the college intern...

Here's the first of many beers I drank last night...I never went the green beer route, I'm proud to say.

That's me, doing the post-horrific-jello-shot-that-did-something-weird-to-my-spinal-cord dance.

Potato #9's mine - you can't see in this pic, but he's got five aces in front of him. He's the Five Card Spud! I came in second behind number 10 - A friggin' hula dancin' potato. I think the contest was rigged...

I was still fairly responsible and got myself home at 12:15, as I had a 9AM meeting this morning that required my brain to be running on at least 3/4 of a tank...

I'm gonna blow through my work today, so that I can get crackin' on the Blogger Challenge III - The City That Never Sleeps vs. The Sleepy City.

And to the person that suprised me at Dengate's last night when they told me they are a daily reader...thanks! That was kinda cool! I was flattered, embarrased, happy, and touched - as opposed to the way I like my Waffle House hash browns: shamed, defiled, disrespected, and sullied.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Say What?!

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been paying (more) attention to the conversations that go on around me as I go through my day. I'm not eavesdropping, but you know when you're walking down the sidewalk, and you just hear a snippet of somone else's conversation? You just keep on walking, go about your business. I've just been wondering about the context in which these conversations are taking place - what was said before? what was said afterwards?

Do y'all ever wonder about this kind of stuff, too?

Well, lately I've been writing down the snippets that really jump out at me. There's no rhyme or reason to them, or the order in which they appear.

1) "We can party with the best of them!" followed by a high five between two of the dorkiest dudes i've ever seen at O'Reilly's Pub.

2) "Lindsey had yet ANOTHER tragic problem, so OF COURSE she calls ME..." One blonde with more make up on than Krusty the Klown to her girlfriend. No clue what the friend looked like, because I was freaked out by the living wax figure that was walking toward me on King Street...

3) "The women never sleeps! All she thinks about is guacomole!" y'all. i couldn't make this one up if i tried! This one was one guy talking to someone on the phone while sitting at the bar. I SOOOO WISH I KNEW WHO THIS GUACOMOLE WOMAN WAS AND WHAT SHE'S ALL ABOUT!

4) "There were some oysters slippin' out of my left tooth!"The only discernible thing that I heard from a guy singing karaoke at the Island Grill. During one of the instrumental breaks, he felt the need to tell everyone a story, and this was part of it. I wish I could go back in time and listen to it again.

Left tooth?!? Does he only have two teeth? I don't remember... Why were oysters SLIPPIN' out of his mouth to begin with?!?

Monday, March 14, 2005

Don't Go to New Bern, NC on a Sunday Evening - And Other Bits of Wisdom


But we're just looking for a quick bite, like a couple of sandw-


hiches cuz we're heading home and we really aren't in the moo-


d for that kinda stuff.

Bless New Bern's heart. They mean well.

In Other News:

After moving through the WAKA ranks like crabs through a dorm room, I'm setting my presidential term of Charleston Kickball down for a season. In the past year, I've been a Team Captain, Social Chair (2x), the Ghost Man (newsletter writer/editor), and President.

I'm going to take it easy this season, and just write your friendly neighborhood Ghost Man on Third weekly newsletter this season. The first edition will be out two weeks from today! I email it to our 400+ players each week from now through July...

I'll be sure to post each addition on here for your reading pleasure, too...Can't friggin' WAIT for k-ball to start!

This site is getting ready to wake from a loooooong winter's nap, and step it up a bit...

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